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Comet Executor

Executor for Roblox that designed to compete in the market with its industry-standard execution performance, while putting a strong emphasis on design.

What is Comet Executor?

About Comet Executor

Comet, an amazing Roblox exploit that has been available for a while, now supports the Microsoft Store version of Roblox. One of the first things you'll notice about Comet is its visually gorgeous UI. They are well-known for their visually beautiful and calming interfaces, which are meticulously designed. They even support numerous themes, allowing you to customize your experience.

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Comet Executor


I am a little hesitant to open Comet Executor; how can I be sure it's secure??

Comet is not open-source (we didn't feel ready), but fear not—the DLL was created by a reputable solution provider, and the user interface is not obfuscated, making it simple to reverse engineer. It is completely safe to use.

How to Update Comet Executor?

Every week, Roblox and Comet Executor both upgrade their security mechanisms. Receiving updates from Comet is not anything you should be worried about. You can always visit our website for an update once Roblox patches Comet. To get automatic updates, you don't have to turn off Windows Defender or your antivirus program.

Why is Comet Executor not working or works slowly?

It's worth noting that, while Comet's user interface is visually appealing, it may require a rather powerful machine to function well. If you have a high-performance PC that can run Roblox at maximum graphics settings without difficulty, you should have no trouble utilizing Comet. However, if your computer is older or less powerful, you may experience problems owing to the animations and general weight of the UI.

What should I do if I am experiencing problems opening your executor?

If launching Comet 3 as an administrator resolves your problem (don't forget to extract the file first), our discord server can offer you the best possible assistance. Instead you can try Evon Executor or Trigon Executor that both do work on windows and adnroid OS.